Gorenje Guarantee

Our Guarantee registration system explained.

Once you make your purchase you need to register your appliance either online or over the phone

  • To register your Gorenje appliance click here

Gorenje offer a free 5 year parts and labour guarantee on selected built in ovens, hoods and built in cooling and selected freestanding cooling and washing products. This guarantee shows our confidence in our technology and excellent product quality.

All Gorenje appliances not covered by a 5 year guarantee get a free 2 or 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

Terms and conditions apply

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Gorenje Guarantee Conditions

Providing you have registered your product and have in your possession the proof of purchase, selected Gorenje appliances are guaranteed free for 2 or 5 years from the date of purchase. Information regarding the guarantee period applicable for your particular product can be found in the latest Gorenje appliance brochure and on our website www.gorenje.co.uk. The free guarantee is available to customers based in the UK and Southern Ireland..Your Gorenje guarantee is subject to the following provisions relating to the appliance, your statutory rights remain unaffected:

  1. That it is used for domestic purposes and in a residential address only.
  2. That it has been installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual and any separate installation instructions provided by Gorenje.
  3. That it has been properly connected to mains supplied electricity, gas and water and drainage as appropriate. In the case of gas appliances, LPG conversions will be covered as long as a copy of the necessary certification is provided at the time of registration, by a qualified CORGI gas engineer.
  4. That the appliance has not been subject to misuse or accident, nor been repaired or modified other than by our own Service Agent (except Gas LPG conversion – see above).
  5. Where deemed neccessary by Gorenje to exchange an appliance within the guarantee period, the new appliance will be covered by the original guarantee period and will not be subject to a new guarantee.
  6. This guarantee is not transferable and only relates to the original purchaser of this appliance/appliances.
  7. That the appliance is not used for Hire purposes.

This guarantee excludes and does not cover service calls to :

  1. Correct the installation of the appliance.
  2. Remove or re-install an integrated appliance prior to and after a engineer's visit for any repair.
  3. Repair any second hand appliances or those used by several people in communal areas.
  4. Correct normal wear and tear that can be reasonably expected from an appliance based on age and use.
  5. Instruct the user in the correct operation of the appliance.
  6. Replace house mains fuses or correct house wiring, plumbing, drainage or gas supply.
  7. Replace or repair any cosmetic or consumable parts such as bulbs, plugs, fuses, cables, filters and attachments, control knobs, handles, glass and wire shelves, rubber hoses, plastic door shelves and any accessories for example Oven baking trays and shelves. These include any parts which have become worn, discoloured or damaged, including damage by incorrect use or cleaning.
  8. Repair an appliance due to the effects of limescale, mould, dirt, grease, spillages and odours 
  9. Unblock the pump of a washing machine or dishwasher.
  10. Repair damage caused by flood, lightning, electrical shock or surge, storm, extreme temperature, explosion, impact, corrosion, theft or attempted theft,
  11. Deal with any noise, vibration or steam resulting from the the operation of the appliance. These include periodic start and running of oven fans, flow and drain pump, steam from a washer, dryer, dishwasher and oven.
  12. Reverse door hinges on cooling appliances.
  13. Repair hob burner damage caused by using unsuitable cooking utensils pans/pots
  14. Repair or replace any metal or glass ceramic hobs because of chips, scratches, cracks or damages, resulting from unknown causes or abrasive cleaning and cleaning agents, improper use of utensils, improper shape or uneven base of utensils of foreign particles in between the utensil and hob surface.

Gorenje will not be liable for any consequential loss, or loss of use whilst the machine is being repaired.

Important: Gorenje reserves the right to 1) charge the Buyer the entire cost of a service call and any spares, should the Buyer’s service call include any of the above defined instances and 2) Inspect the appliance prior to any action taken for an exchange / replacement.

Where to locate sticker with Model, Serial & ART number

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Extended warranty

An extended 10-year warranty is available on special components for a selection of appliances. For more details check the offers bellow.