Why buy Gorenje?

When buying any Gorenje appliance you can be confident you have purchased a high quality, reliable, environmentally friendly, innovative and stylish product from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of domestic appliances.

  • We offer a market leading FREE 5 year parts and labour guarantee on most of our built-in products.
  • All products are A+++ , A++, A+ or A energy rated and 90 % of the components used in the manufacturer of our appliances are recyclable.
  • For the fashion conscious consumer, we work with a number of high profile designers and created some unique collections including Ora-Ito, Karim Rashid and the retro collection.
  • After Sales Service is provided by one of the top independant service companies in the UK.
  • We employ the latest quality assurance standards such as ISO9001 and 6 sigma to ensure the highest possible product quality.
  • When we develop a new product we look for the most convenient and efficient solution in order to simplify operation and save time.
  • The latest Gorenje cooking appliances, as well as saving time can save up to 25 % of energy costs when compared to older appliances.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers use up to 18 % of all energy consumed in a typical home. The latest Gorenje models use almost half the electricity and water when compared to models over 15 years ago.
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