GDV664XL Fully integrated dishwasher

Fully integrated dishwasher GDV664XL

Fully integrated dishwasher Number of place settings: 15 place settings Number of baskets: 3 Total AquaStop Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.6 × 86 × 55.9 cm


Automatic programme

Always spotlessly clean dishes
The innovative sensor technology allows the machine to automatically perceive how soiled the dishes are; as a result, there is no need to select the dishwashing programme. Gorenje+ dishwashers also feature an automatic programme that selects the most appropriate temperature zone given the type of dishes being washed. Thus, glassware and porcelain items will be washed excellently at low temperatures, while heavy duty pots and pans will be treated with higher temperatures. The advanced sensor technology will always adjust your dishwashing programme to clean dishes perfectly with optimized water and energy consumption.
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Clean dishes, lower electricity bill
All Gorenje+ dishwashers offer the option to program the washing cycle start up to 24 hours in advance. This function allows you to plan your dishwashing cycle during the hours of lower power rates or to have clean dishes just when you need them.

Hot water supply

Gorenje+ dishwashers are designed to work with hot water connection (max. 70 °C) instead of cold. Choosing a hot water connection cuts programme times and reduces the dishwasher's electricity consumption. A solution friendly to the environment and your family budget.

SelfCleaning filter

Faultless filter operation
Special automatic system prevents the filter from clogging up and a special rinsing system prevents any faults in filter operation and require significantly less cleaning.


Plus for flexibility
Gorenje+ dishwashers adapt completely to your every need and offer a variety of functions as well as fully adjustable and customizable interior. Truly simple three-level basket adjustment system allows you to use the Gorenje+ dishwasher to efficiently wash cookware of unconventional dimensions: large pots, jumbo plates, high stem glasses etc.
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Third basket

Special place for cutlery and longer utensils
The upper basket is designed especially for cutlery and longer utensils. The cutlery pieces are positioned separately so that they do not scratch and can dry out perfectly. Longer utensils which tend to obstruct loading of other dishes or even slip to the bottom of the tub during washing are now provided with their own dishwashing space.
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Total AquaStop

Do not worry about water spillage
Even if you let the dishwasher to operate during the night or when you are away, there is no need to worry. In case of a leakage or flooding, AquaStop automatically cuts off the water supply while the pump siphons the residual water out of the dishwasher basin. AquaStop is activated throughout the appliance's useful life.
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XXL inox

XXL space for dirty dishes
Essential parts like spray arms or tub of Gorenje+ dishwashers are made of high-quality stainless steel. The quality of steel prolongs the appliance's useful life. Dishwasher with a height of 86 cm is a perfect match for the kitchens with worktop height adjusted to the users. Impressive 56cm fully inox tub, one of the largest on the market, holds enough space for all your needs. Even 35 cm plates on XXL and 31 cm on standard size dishwashers!
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Technical details

Cleaning performance: A

Drying performance: A

Max. temperature of incoming water: 70 °C

Selected programme indicator

Status LedLight

Sensors: Water level sensor, Clear water sensor, Load sensor

9 programmes: Automatic programme; Quick programme; Eco programme; Rinsing; Sensitive programme; Programme Hygiene; Daily wash; Time programme; Extra prewash and rinsing

Reference programme: 1

Upper rack; Lower rack

Number of place settings: 15 place settings

Automatic programme

Single basket washing

Function 3 in 1

Selected programme indicator

Wash end indication: Displayed with sound and light

Time remaining indicator: Time remaining indicator

Door panel installation options: Possible as extra


Up to 24 hours

Number of baskets: 3

Foldable bottom plate baskets

Number of water jet levels: 3

Number of spray arms: 2

Selfcleaning filter

Overflow protection: Total AquaStop

Service diagnostics

Stainless steel tub

Height setting: 50 mm

Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.6 × 86 × 55.9 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 64 × 93 × 68 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 60 × 86.3 × 56 cm

Net weight: 53.5 kg

Gross weight: 57.1 kg

Connected load: 1,700 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Product code: 489838

EAN code: 3838942041723


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