Full of natural freshnessNatureFresh Built-in fridge freezers
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When it comes to producing food that is fresh, full of taste and rich in nutritional value, nature has always known best. It provides just the right combination of sunshine, fresh air and moisture for optimum growth and maximum flavour.

That is why the new NatureFresh built-in fridge freezers from Gorenje mimic the natural conditions by maintaining the photosynthesis process, controlling the humidity levels and providing fresher air. Additionally, Gorenje NatureFresh built-in fridge freezers have high energy ratings, ranging from A+ to A+++ and their modular and flexible design ensures they will suit every lifestyle perfectly.

Discover NatureFresh built-in fridge freezers

Natural freshness, flexible design, efficient storage

Icon - CrispZone with VitaLight and SmartHumidity

CrispZone with VitaLight and SmartHumidity

Just like garden-fresh
One of the largest fruit and vegetables bins in the market, CrispZone extends the freshness of your produce with low temperature, automatic humidity control and special light. SmartHumidity keeps the humidity in the drawer at optimum level at all times thanks to a special membrane which automatically lets out excess moisture. VitaLight maintains the natural ripening process to retain vitamins and keep freshly picked or bought fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp for a longer time.
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Icon - IonAir with DynamiCooling

IonAir with DynamiCooling

Keeps only the pleasant aromas
Air enriched with extra negative ions preserves taste and removes unpleasant odours, while the advanced fan system equalizes the temperature throughout the entire refrigerator and evenly distributes ionized air, ensuring any type of food can be placed on any shelf.
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Icon - AdaptTech


A fridge freezer that recognizes your habits
This smart system was devised to maintain the optimum temperature in the refrigerator regardless of how frequently you open the door. When the door is opened, the temperature suddenly rises and the food is exposed to a thermal shock which in turn causes it to perish sooner. The refrigerator continuously monitors and analyzes the way you use it. Thus, it can predict when you will open the fridge door and just before you do, it decreases the temperature by 1 or 2 °C to make sure constant temperature is maintained, ensuring the food stays fresh and full of nutrients.
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NoFrost DualAdvance

Optimum double air circulation system
Intensive circulation of cool air in the freezer compartment reduces the humidity level and prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice on the freezer walls. In the refrigerator compartment, it provides optimum food storage conditions. This leads to optimum cooling and freezing control, each adjusted to the respective processes in the two separate parts of the appliance.

• No more freezer defrosting
• Frozen food will no longer stick together.
• Quality frozen food
• Better view of the contents
• More space
• No exchange of odours between the freezer and refrigerator compartment
• Fresh food will not dry out and remain fresh longer.


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Cooling Tips & Tricks

How to keep half an onion fresher longer:

Butter the onions

Admittedly, a half an onion probably won’t break the budget but why throw away what you can save when stored properly. Next time you have a partial onion left over from your meatball recipe or tomato salad, don’t reach for the foil or wrap, reach for the butter. A half onion stays fresh longer when it is buttered. And, to prevent the intensive smell, make sure to store it in the airtight MultiBox.

How to get the best vegetables in the winter:

Pick them out of your freezer

There’s nothing lovelier than fresh beans, fresh peas or anything else freshly grown. Fortunately, this is not only a pleasure to be enjoyed in the summer. Frozen vegetables preserve taste, consistency and vitamins well if they’re stored at -18˚ C or less and have been properly packaged to prevent oxidation and dehydration. But to make the most of fresh fruit and vegetables, put them in the CrispZone drawer, where the special VitaLight will preserve their nutrients. 
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