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6 surprising items that are dishwasher safe

6 surprising items that are dishwasher safe

With wintry, dark evenings in full swing and a Christmas shopping list to worry about, it’s more important than ever to be saving precious time, energy and money in your day-to-day tasks. You might be surprised to hear that your dishwasher can help you with this in ways beyond simply washing dishes efficiently. 

By unlocking the full potential of this all-round kitchen hero, you’ll save yourself some valuable time and money. Here’s 6 surprising items that you can clean safely in the dishwasher. 

Flip flops and boots

That’s right, forget the brush and bucket, dishwashers effortlessly tackle the dirt from plastic and synthetic based footwear. Washing sweaty, soiled shoes has never been easier. Try it next time you want to refresh your holiday flipflops or rinse your festival boots, you’ll never look back. 


A good workman never blames his tools, and for those which like a spic-and-span toolbox, dishwashers are a real saviour. From gardening to building apparatus, dishwashers can accommodate most types of tools for high-temperature washing, helping you get the most out of your toolbox without the tiring, time-consuming scrubbing. 

Dog toys and collar

For all the pet lovers out there, save yourself from buying new toys and accessories for your furry friend every time they start to get stale. A quick run in the dishwasher will spruce them up and leave them fresh and ready for a few more hours of walking and games. 


Been out at the football all day or jogging in the sun for a couple of hours? There’s no point putting a whole wash on when you can simply place your smelly hats in the next dishwashing cycle. Just be sure to keep them at the bottom, away from any crockery and cutlery. 


Used, nearly-empty, jars clogging up the kitchen counter is an experience we can all relate to. Notoriously difficult to wash, many people often throw jars away to avoid the process, but a quick blast in the dishwasher will help you repurpose them with no effort or time wasted. 

Vacuum cleaner attachments

A particularly painstaking bug-bear is cleaning the vacuum cleaner. The very appliance you rely on to clean your home needs regular cleaning and maintenance, annoying, right? Well, thanks to the almighty dishwasher this can be made much easier, just be sure to scrape off excess hairs and fluff before washing on high heat.  
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