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6 top tips for dinner party entertaining

6 top tips for dinner party entertaining

With many a bleak evening on the horizon, too cold to venture out in the evenings without your biggest coat and gloves, we’re left with little option but to cosy up on the sofa with a film. Thankfully, dinner parties are a sure-fire option for those socialites looking to entertain come hell or high water. 

We know wowing dinner guests isn’t easy, so we’ve complied a few handy tips to make your dinner party one to remember:


Taking time to prepare as much as possible is always a good idea. Cook or prepare ingredients in advance, clean up as you go along, set the table, have the nibbles out and covered up for later, buy fresh items on the same day, and whatever else you can think of. Well-considered preparations will not only give you a chance to relax beforehand, but also save you a few distractions when the party is in full swing, leaving you more time to mingle and enjoy yourself.

Neutral music

A refined music selection is key to crafting the right atmosphere, and neutrality is at the heart of that. Of course, it’s important to suit your guest’s needs, but it’s a safe assumption that nobody wants to listen to hard trance with their dinner and champagne cocktails. Having a playlist of light and smooth background music to match those welcome drinks is an excellent way to nurture the flow of conversation. Hold the dancing ‘till after dinner.  

Cook with confidence

It can happen to the best of us, but stress is never a good look. You wouldn’t turn up to an important work meeting looking dishevelled and jittery, and you shouldn’t host a dinner party in that state either, it’s supposed to be fun. However, there’s a great way to avoid this; be yourself. Make it look easy with a meal you’re familiar with and know will work out. People can recognise a genuine home-cooked meal and your confidence will show. 

Managing expectations

Set your party apart from the rest by ensuring those extra touches are covered, managing any-and-all expectations. Some people like ice with their drinks so have some bags of ice in the freezer ready to go, try your best to vary the drinks offering, have a variety of dips and snacks on entry and set up some mood lighting and candles. 

Always make more

Leaving a dinner party hungry wouldn’t be right now would it? Arguably quality comes before quantity, but making surplus doesn’t have to ruin the aesthetic. There’s no harm in making extra and keeping it in the kitchen. It’s inevitable at least one guest will want more, being able to provide them with that is difference between a good host and a great host. 

Finishing touches

It’s all in the details. The décor must be consistent with the rest of your efforts for a truly stand-out dinner party. It’s worth investing in a nice table throw or runner for that added luxury element and centrepiece. Additionally, adorning the table with some unscented candles and flowers will make it feel extra special. Considering it’s cold out, try setting up an intimate atmosphere outside with some heaters and blankets for some late-night stargazing your guests won’t forget in a hurry. 
Hopefully these tips have helped you on your way to an enviable dinner party. We’d love to hear your dinner party suggestions too. 
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