Tuesday, 27th September 2016

#FoodSimplified – Smashed Avocado and Poached Eggs

#FoodSimplified – Smashed Avocado and Poached Eggs

Take things back to basics with a contemporary brunch favourite – avocado and poached eggs!

As many of us become increasingly health-conscious and adopt a healthier approach to eating, certain ingredients have become particularly de rigueur, possibly none more so than the avocado. Its creamy texture and subtle flavour lend it perfectly to a number of different dishes, from traditional Mexican guacamole to vibrant summer salads. In this recipe though, avocado serves as a great companion to a perfectly poached egg.

Starting with the avocado, give it a gentle squeeze to check if it’s ripe. (Quick tip – if your avocado is still hard, place it in a paper bag with a banana!) Cut into the avocado until the blade meets the stone and run your knife from top to bottom. Twist the two halves in opposite directions and carefully remove the stone with your knife, then you’re ready to mash! 

Toast a slice of rye bread, drizzle with olive oil and spread your avocado onto the slice before moving onto the pièce de résistance – the poached egg!

Many cooks suggest a whole range of techniques when it comes to poaching eggs, from dashes of vinegar to wrapping the eggs in cling film, but we find that simplest method is the most effective. Simply, create a whirlpool in a pan of gently simmering water, carefully tip in a fresh egg and cook for 3 minutes.


  • Rye bread
  • One large egg
  • One avocado
  • Olive oil


    1. Remove the stone from the avocado
    2. Mash the avocado flesh
    3. Crack an egg into simmering water and poach for 3 minutes
    4. Toast rye bread and drizzle with olive oil
    5. Place the egg on the avocado toast
    6. Season with salt and pepper

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