Monday, 27th June 2016

EST reveal the energy savings made with Gorenje

EST reveal the energy savings made with Gorenje
Did you know? You can save more money and energy than you realise by choosing the right kitchen appliances – this is what the Energy Saving Trust (EST) revealed after they assessed a wide range of our products.
The EST work with consumers, businesses and the governments in advising how financial and environmental savings can be made with more considered purchases. They aim to show in memorable terms the dramatic savings that can be made with these choices.

Here are a few of the combined savings they found when testing our products:
  • Environmentally-aware homeowners could save enough energy to rotate the London Eye, by upgrading their kitchen equipment to include Gorenje's energy-efficient D98F66EUK tumble dryer, GS62215WUK dishwasher and ORK193R fridge-freezer. 
  • From a carbon emissions point of view, in one year the same upgrade would save the same amount of CO2 as is emitted when taking a flight from London to Edinburgh.

There were impressive savings with individual appliances too...
  • Upgrading your dishwasher from an A+ energy model to the Gorenje A++ model GS62215WUK dishwasher would save a consumer enough money to buy 72 dishwasher tablets; that covers washing up after Sunday roasts for an entire year!
  • The Gorenje Retro fridge costs less than £2 a month to run; the EST found that a home-owner would save enough cash in its lifetime to fill it with over 100 tubs of ice-cream when compared to an A+ model of the same size.

We are delighted with some of the incredible findings and comparisons the EST discovered and we are proud that they have certified the products they assessed. Check out our EST infographic to find out more about what savings can be made with our appliances.

For more info on the appliances that were assessed, and references to the figures in the infographic, visit our EST stats explained post from earlier in the month.

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