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Top 5 gadgets to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution

“New Year, new me!” How many times have you heard this phrase proclaimed in the first few weeks of January? After the inevitable decadence of the festive period, many of us resort to New Year’s resolutions to start eating more healthily. We all know how difficult it can be to stick to your resolutions though and the temptation of those unhealthy snacks can be all too much.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some kitchen gadgets which will help motivate you to stick to the healthy diet in the kitchen!

Digital scales

If you’re the kind of person who tips a heap of pasta or rice into a pan without measuring and is left eating a portion that’s far too big, then a set of digital scales is the ideal gadget to ensure you get your portions just right. Around 70g is perfect for one portion of pasta or rice and measuring it out couldn’t be easier with a set of digital scales.


If you struggle to eat enough fruit, then a juicer is a simple, easy and more interesting way of getting more fruit into your diet. There’s lots of room to experiment as well so you don’t have to force yourself to eat an apple or a banana every day.

Oil mister

The oil mister is a simple idea that works a treat in reducing the amount of oil you need to fry your food. Oil is high in calories and fat, so reducing the amount of oil you require for frying allows you the best of both worlds. Don’t be too liberal with the spraying though or you’ll miss the benefits!


If part of your New Year’s resolution is trying to cut down on the carbs with, but you just love a good bowl of pasta, a ‘spiraliser’ could be your culinary saviour. If you haven’t already heard, ‘courgetti’ is particularly on-trend at the moment and this simple gadget allows you to quickly ‘spiralise’ vegetables, providing the perfect healthy alternative to carb-packed spaghetti and tagliatelle pastas.


Steaming your vegetables is a brilliant way of locking in flavour and maintaining structure so it doesn’t turn to mush. It also helps vegetables maintain their minerals and vitamins. For example, steamed broccoli retains 81% vitamin C, and loses only 11% flavonoids according to Healthy Food Corner.

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