Thursday, 12th March 2015

5 Top #HealthSimplified Tips

5 Top #HealthSimplified Tips

Our #HealthSimplified competition wasn’t just a chance to win a great prize, we also managed to get some great tips on simple ways to stay healthy, all thanks to you! Here’s our top 5:

1.       Start small with diet changes

There’s no denying that maintaining a balanced diet is crucial to staying healthy. But so many of us try to completely reinvent our eating habits and end up finding the change is just too much. By starting small and just changing one little part of your diet each week, you’ll be less likely to shock your system!

2.       Swap fizzy pop for water

So many #HealthSimplified entrants brought up the fact that water intake is also very important to staying healthy. To #HealthSimplify the daunting task of drinking 3ltr of water per day, why not think about swapping those fizzy drinks in the fridge for some mineral water, or drinking herbal tea during the day?

3.       Make exercise fun

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit the gym every morning before breakfast. So long as you’re taking small steps to become more active, your body will gradually become used to more strenuous activities. Start with taking the dog out for a walk, using the stairs instead of the lift, or walking to your local shop instead of driving.

4.       Eat fresh

Keeping lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on-hand means you’ll be far more likely to use them in meals. Similarly, if you make a habit of keeping naughty chocolate or cakes in your fridge then you’re more likely to gorge yourself on unhealthy treats!

5.       Be happy. Smile more, laugh more

So many people rely on being fit and healthy in order to be happy. If you flip this belief around and focus on being happy in yourself then you’ll actually be far more likely to commit to your goals and have fun along the way. It doesn’t get simpler than “be happy and smile more”!

We’ also like to say congratulations to Laura Farren who won the #HealthSimplified competition. We’re now focusing on top tips for spring cleaning with our #SpringCleanSimplified campaign, and we’re helping you on your way by giving away a Fiery Red Colour Edition washing machine! See here for more details and remember to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep up with Gorenje.

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