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Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection

Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid Collection

The touch of light

Following the cooperation with the famous Italian design studio Pininfarina and the keen French designer Ora-Ïto, Gorenje is now betting on the talent and boldness of prolific designer and undisputed king of colour, the man who made pink masculine: New York-based designer star Karim Rashid, creating a brand new collection Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid.

Teaming up with Gorenje was a perfect opportunity to pursue a desire Karim has had for ages: to introduce design into simple, everyday objects such as household appliances, to marry his imagination to advanced technology, and to create a top-class collection of appliances that will provide a memorable experience for all senses.

“I have wanted to design appliances for ages. It was a great exercise in rethinking the banal. Too often we are relegated to tired archetypes. Design is about shaping contemporaneity. Design is critical to our environments, to our daily experiences, our products, our everything.” comments Karim Rashid and adds: “Everything needs to be designed, from our airplane interiors to our shampoo bottles to our money. We need to beautify this planet in every aspect, in every corner of the earth.”

He has designed products ranging from vacuum cleaners to furniture, children’s toys to luggage, television sets to perfume bottles and lighting fixtures. As an interior decorator, he has also designed several famous hotels and clubs; and now on Gorenje household appliances which, incidentally, he is using himself: “Over the past years Gorenje has proven to be a company that has a strong interest in contemporary design. I have been following and appreciating their successful collections. When they contacted me to design the new Gorenje collection it took very little discussion to get the project started. I knew the company also because I do a lot of work in Eastern Europe and have an apartment in Belgrade with Gorenje appliances.”

Gorenje is equally thrilled about the collaboration with Karim. They are impressed by his charisma and the daring colours featured in his designs. To evoke the appearance of colourful elegance, they decided to employ LED technology, regarded as an innovative lighting solution of the future. “Hence, Gorenje is the first home appliance manufacturer to offer a solution that allows the users to change the colour of their appliances, using the innovative MoodLite technology developed by Gorenje. The vertical LED light stripe allows several colour versions, providing the option to adjust the appearance of the appliance to one’s current mood, or indeed one’s lifestyle", commented Mr. Aleksander Uranc, Gorenje marketing director.

MoodLite Technology

MoodLite Technology. A touch of light and colour. Day in, day out, yet differently each day. It allows a play of colour, and affords endless freedom to the inspiration and emotions of each moment. Seven colours for seven moods. Seven colours for seven days, or for each day at a time. Do not adapt to the moment – let the moment be shaped by your desires. MysticWhite, BabyPink, HotPink, DeepPurple, SkyBlue, LimeGreen, JuicyOrange. Your home can be different. Each day and each moment.

Undisputed talent of the world-famous designer icon Karim Rashid, Gorenje’s high quality execution of all details, and application of durable materials are the essential elements that make a memorable collection.

Oven. Charm your senses.

Reflections of magical light and modern aesthetics of new ovens charm your senses. Cuisine becomes a play, creation by touch which never fails. The colour of light echoes the colour of the moment. MoodLite technology does not only endow the ambiance with the desired hue of colour; when activated, it also affords a look into the oven interior, while the red tint will warn you of high oven temperature. New generation ovens proudly feature a number of patented innovative solutions.


The innovative design of the HomeMADE oven cavity, featuring a vaulted ceiling and rounded side walls, coupled with precisely thought-out heater placement, delivers superior cooking results. The unique novelty inspired by traditional wood-fired bread ovens relies on highly efficient and fully uniform distribution of hot air.


A perfect result in only three simple steps. Patent-pending electronic programming module is a revolutionary novelty in touch screen appliance operation. Numerous preset programmes automatically set the right combination of heating elements, temperature, and cooking time, while additional settings make the use simpler and save even more of your precious time.


Aesthetics or functionality? Our cutting-edge technology delivers both. MoodLite technology does not only endow the ambiance with the desired hue of colour; when activated, it also affords a look into the oven interior, while the red tint will warn you of high oven temperature. The light band is both an aesthetic form and an innovative function.

Cooking hobs. Touch the magic.

Cooking is a pleasure. The experience of gentle feel and creative inspiration. Innovative and technologically perfected cooking hobs, all in stylish white colour turn even the most challenging culinary endeavours into playful creation and pure aesthetic pleasure. The alluring lines in the graphical pattern will seduce your senses. Discretely, subtly, yet convincingly they stress the sensuality of minimalism, caracteristic for Karim's design. You can choose among cutting-edge induction or hi-light glass ceramic hobs or modern gas hobs on white glass with a wok burner.


The cutting-edge cooking hob boasts speed, low energy consumption, safety, and touch control. The PowerBoost function additionally ups the performance and capacity of the induction cooker. The instantaneous response prevents liquid from boiling over and spares you the tedious cleaning.

Glass ceramic hob with hi-light heaters

Efficient and simple. A heater with a two ring heating zone and a special oval ring heating zone enables full adjustment to various types of cookware. Thus, the cooking zone can be simply enlarged to desired dimension in order to save energy.

Gas cooking hob with a wok burner

Modern gas cooking hob on stylish white glass, with ergonomically designed knobs and excellent layout, is a perfect setting for superior cooking results. The fans of Asian cuisine will be thrilled by the wok burner that delivers three rings of flame, formidable heating power, instantaneous response, and rapid performance.

Hood. Light your way

In a modern kitchen, the cooker hood is the central expressive element of design and the most appealing feature of the space. The new hood which endows your space with air and light, brings the freshness of new form, and convenient innovative features. A single touch of the MoodLite strip will turn the space into an oasis of select hues that will caress the senses and evoke a very special atmosphere. Made of aluminium and glass with minimalist graphics that convincingly chart out new directions of modern kitchen design.


The keys and knobs are a relic of the past; what remains is pure simplicity and aesthetics. The electronic version of the cooker hood is a breakthrough in user-friendly operation. Carefully studied positioning of the control section on the LED-illuminated strip enables simple setting of the extraction power adjustable in four levels.  

Halogen lighting

In addition to its primary function of vapour extraction and air filtration, the cooker hood is an additional source of light that provides optimum illumination of the cooker surface. Halogen lighting is also more powerful and economical than the conventional one.  


The multi-colour LED-illuminated strip visually merges the cooker hood with other appliances in the kitchen. Colours for every mood and ambiance. Smoothly uniform and harmonius.

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is an award-winning industrial designer who has undertaken projects for hundreds of clients all around the world. A luminary in the world of international industrial design, this prolific designer and undisputed king of colour comes from New York, where he applies his talents to numerous fields: furniture, architecture, lighting, tableware, and - from now on - household appliances.

From Shoes to XXL armchairs, his sculptural and playful, round and colourful, fashionable and sober style is totally in tune with today and tomorrow. Working with clients as prestigious as Issey Miyake, Prada, Alessi, Sony, Umbra and Bozart, his career path has been lined with international awards such as the Sleep05 for the renovation of the Semiramis Hotel in Athens.

Karim is a perennial winner of the Red Dot award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design award, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, IDSA Industrial Design Excellence award. He holds honorary doctorates from the Ontario college of Art & Design and Corcoran College of Art & Design. 2007 highlighted Karim’s largest retrospective to date at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Most recently, Karim curated the exhibition Totally Rad: Karim Rashid does Radiators for Museum of Art and Design in New York City.  Karim is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences globally, disseminating the importance of design in everyday life. Karim’s work is featured in 20 permanent museum collections and he exhibits art in galleries worldwide.


Effectively combining smart technology, excellent design, care for the environment and great value into every one of Gorenje appliances for over 60 years, Gorenje is constantly raising the bar of quality standards and consumer expectations for Europe’s leading domestic appliance manufacturers. Gorenje's quality and reputation are witnessed by numerous prestigious international awards including the Red Dot Design Award, Plus X AwardTM, Grüner Stecker prize, Get Connected Product of the Year Award, Product Innovation Award, Trusted Brand, Superbrands, Icograda Excellence Design Award, ICSID Excellence Design Award, Innovation of the year, to name but a few.

Gorenje designed by Karim Rashid

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