Pre-Christmas Clean Made Easy


With the festive season right around the corner, it’s time to prepare your beautiful house for all the Christmas celebrations. The key to a stress-free Christmas clean is preparation. These helpful tips will make your home sparkle, so you can focus on relaxing and celebrating with your loved ones. 

1. Clean all surfaces 

This is one to get the whole family involved with! Over Christmas every surface is going be in constant use, whether this is to display your Christmas decorations or to prepare the turkey. It is essential to disinfect or dust each surface in your house to make sure germs or bacteria are not left behind. 

2. Have a clear out 

What is better than starting the New Year clutter-free? Before the big day it’s a good idea to ask yourself, ‘Have I used this in the last year/six months?’ If you haven’t then throw it out. This provides more space for your Christmas Tree, presents and guests. 

3. Make your decorations sparkle 

For 11 months of the year, your Christmas decorations are hidden away in the attic collecting dust, now’s the time to give them a good clean, before they go on display for all your guests to admire. Also, whilst you are deciding on what colour scheme to decorate your tree this year, take time to see if all your decorations still work. 

4. Deep clean your oven 

In preparation for all the scrumptious Christmas food you will be creating over the festive season, it would be worth while making your oven sparkle and shine, before you start on your delicious recipes. Hiring a professional oven cleaner or purchasing an oven specific cleaning product, will make sure you are focused on your Christmas dinner rather than any grime and grease inside your appliance. Alternatively, investing in an oven with pyrolytic cleaning will not only make cleaning easier during festivities, but all year round. 

5. Polish, Polish, Polish 

We have all got that special set of silverware which makes an annual appearance over the Christmas period, so once again it’s their time to shine (literally).  Put on a festive film, light some candles and get polishing. We’d recommend lining your polishing container with aluminium foil and adding boiling water with a few tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda (two tbsp per litre of water). Next, add your silverware making sure it’s touching the foil, then sit back and watch the magic happen. Once your items are visibly clean, remove them carefully and use a cloth to dry. 

6. Kitchen clear out

Before the ‘big food shop’ it’s a good idea to clean out your fridge and kitchen cupboards, making sure you remove everything from the shelves and wipe down all the surfaces. Throwing out old or out-of-date sauces, spices or food will allow for more room for all your Christmas treats. Find a simple guide to cleaning your fridge here.

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