Kitchen makeover: Go retro!


Kitchen is usually the most predictable place in the house, but it shouldn't be this way. It is after all the heart of the home, the place where memories are made. Since we spend a significant amount of time there, the kitchen should, besides arousing the feeling of homeliness, reflect our inner sense of style. Creating a kitchen with personality not only adds to its uniqueness, but also gives character to the whole home.

Modern retro: mid-century inspiration in your kitchen

If you are looking to expand your kitchen's décor beyond the usual classic and toned-down pieces, you should try incorporating a sense of retro style. Retro interiors, inspired by the 50's and 60's, lend a unique and appealing style to the environment and are once again a highly fashionable and sought-after trend in interior design. Nevertheless, characterized by bold patterns and out-of-the-ordinary colours, retro is certainly not for the faint of heart.  Instead of going full retro, you can add just a touch of its charm to your kitchen interior – the choice is yours!

Read the tips below and learn how to recreate the retro appeal of the iconic mid-century era in your own kitchen.

1. Colour combinations

First rule: be daring! The colour is the foundation of the room, so take time and think thoroughly which colour schemes will fit best into your retro-inspired kitchen. Play with black and white, soft pastels, such as baby blue and beige, and bolder colours, such as red, avocado green, orange, mustard yellow, turquoise, hot pink and grey.

2. Bold patterns

Simple, repetitive geometric shapes and motifs, such as cutlery, animals, and fruits, combined with bold and sometimes contrasting colours, are the epitomes of the iconic retro design. Incorporate them in moderation to your kitchen walls or other elements, such as tiles, cushions, tablecloths or lightning décor.

3. Graphic elements and artistic touches

A simple bold graphic or a Pop Art-inspired work of art are excellent ways to add a bit of a retro charm to an otherwise modern interior. Opt for a large art piece if you wish to create a dramatic visual effect.

4. Modern recreations of retro appliances

The kitchen should be as beautiful as it is functional. Equip it with modern recreations of retro appliances, characterized by contemporary technology and a retro look. When choosing your flagship retro style pieces, look for bold colours and rounded edges that will give your room a unique retro appeal.
5. Iconic retro design pieces

Take your retro interior a step further and pay a true homage to the mid-century decades by incorporating iconic design pieces into your kitchen. Stand out from the crowd with a vintage lamp or travel back in time with a cool retro refrigerator and 50's diner style bar stools. Ready for an even bolder move? Add a flickering neon-sign! Go retro with Gorenje Retro Special Edition Refrigerator.

Gorenje Retro Special Edition Refrigerator, modelled by the legendary Volkswagen van T1 from the 50's, also termed as the 'Bulli', will undoubtedly revoke a notion of the decade with its pastel blue or Bordeaux red colours and smooth, rounded edges. Besides giving your home a touch of retro, it will win your heart with its practicality and the latest technology, making it an indispensable item of your kitchen setting.

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