Energy efficiency in your home


There are a lot of the things you could do on a personal level to contribute to energy savings and thus help preserve our third rock from the Sun. Here are some ideas:

  1. Do not leave the lights and TV on when there is no need for it. Always unplug chargers for gadgets from the power socket after the battery is full.
  2. Wash your laundry in the evening, when the power consumption, and its price is lower. Hang-dry your laundry more often instead of using a dryer and use an eco detergent.
  3. By choosing energy-efficient household appliances you will reduce your electricity and water bills and help preserve the environment.

Difference between energy ratings

Letters and colours determine the energy efficiency of appliances, placing them in a certain class. The highest grade is A +++. Appliances with this label are the most energy efficient.

For instance, A +++ cooling equipment and driers are up to 60 percent more energy efficient than those in class A, and washing machines and dishwashers up to 30 percent.

The A class is followed by classes B, C and the worst, D. The highest class is always green, and the lowest red. All Gorenje products are A+++, A++, A+ or A.

Energy efficiency is not only affected by power usage, but other factors as well. For instance, the coolers class will also be determined by the sum of all the volumes and how much noise they emit. In washing machines, water consumption is taken into account, as well as the effectiveness of the spin, while for dishwashers even the washing and drying efficiency.

A washer with a gentle heart: Gorenje SensoCare generation of washing machines

SensoCare technology makes sure every type of fabric is washed in the best possible way. It always delivers the optimum combination of temperature and amount of water, time, and spinning speed. If, however, your clothes need a very special care, the cotton and synthetic fibre programmes can be tweaked with extra modes and functions.

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