How to get the best out of your food

Of course you can’t serve the appetizer “grilled green asparagus and escarole salad” without asparagus. If you want to avoid similar episodes, we recommend you read our advices below, where we slice, cut, chop, sprinkle, and more.

How to get the best out of your green asparagus? Break and wring.

You don’t cut the green stalk at all. Hold the middle of the asparagus with one hand and the bottom of the stalk with the other. The asparagus will break at exactly the best point, with no waste. The asparagus season being only 2 months a year, from April to June, it is important to get the most out of the stalk.

How to keep the green salad buffet from turning brown? Pluck - don’t cut.

If you cut the salad with a knife, you break its natural preservative. Instead, pluck the salad with your fingers. Yes, it takes a little longer; on the other hand the salad stays greener longer so you also have salad the day after for the overnight guests.

How to avoid turning hasselbach potatoes into chips? Use a spoon or stick.

It’s hard to avoid cutting all the way through the potato unless you use a “knife-stopper” like a spoon, for example, in which you place the potato.  You can also use a bamboo skewer that you stick through the potato about ¾ down so that it doesn’t cut through. Do this next time you want to serve hasselbach potatoes – and not chips.

How to prevent cherry tomatoes from rolling? Nip it in the bud.

Cherry tomatoes are round and round things tend to roll, especially when you’re trying to slice them. So what’s a cook to do?  A tip is to cut the bottom off where the stem sits. You don’t use that part for anything anyway. This way you can place it flat side down and cut fine even slices, without it rolling away.

How to avoid crying when you cut onions? Sprinkle with salt.

If you’re tired of onions that make you’re eyes water, it helps to sprinkle salt on the onion while your cutting. The scientific explanation is that onion emits sulphurous vapours when it’s cut.

How to cut strips for goulash? Stack’em.

Get out the cutting board and a good knife. It’s time to carve. This can be done in two ways – the hard way and the easy way. Let’s just jump straight to the easy one: Place the fillets on top of each other so the edges are lined like a meat sandwich. Cut from one end, remember to cut across the grain of the meat or the meat will be tough. By placing the meat in layers you avoid having to cut several times, you have all the strips at once.

How to juice a whole lemon? Pierce – don’t panic.

Pierce a hole in the lemon with a rough needle and press as much juice out as you need, the hole closes again and you still have a whole lemon.


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