Know your knife block. See here which knife you should use for what.

The 6 kniwes you should have:

Boning knife: Is good to have if you cut your own slabs of meat. Can also be useful when boning large poultry or game or to slice fillets of beef.
Bread knife: For bread, of course, but also for larger things like cabbage, pumpkin, watermelon.
Carving knife: Use typically when you need to cut or carve a roast or poultry. Due to the knife’s form and sharpness, the knife is best used for cutting thin slices when making sashimi for example.
Chef’s knife: This is probably the most useful and invaluable knife in the kitchen. You can use it for practically anything that needs cutting, chopping and slicing.
Herb knife: Takes over where the chef’s knife falls short: namely when working with small things. For example, when vegetables need peeling or when fruit needs cutting or peeling.
Universal knife: A good all-around knife. Good for cutting sausages and cheese in delicate small bites. Good for lunches and picnics.

Other knives that are useful to have:

Butcher’s knife, 18: Especially good for cutting meat in chunks and for sandwich/deli meats.
Carving knife, 2-23+: For carving of meat when serving. Slice pork and other large cuts of meat.
Chartreuse knife: For creative cooks. For cutting vegetables (for example carrots, cucumbers, potatoes) in decorative patterns because of its special blade with a thin serrated edge.
Chopping knife, 21: Easy and gentle way to chop vegetables. Can also be used for pizza and vegetables that will be used in a salad or for sautéing. Can also be used for meat and fish.
Filleting knife, 18-24: For filleting fish and meat.
Ham knife, 5: Good for making paper thin slices of ham or good for cutting or separating layers of pastry dough. Can be used much in the same way as a filleting knife.
Japanese santuko knife, 17: A little of everything, for example, good for cutting or chopping meat,
Japanese vegetable knife, 14-18: Cut and slice salad and vegetables.
Meat cleaver, 16: Good for carving large whole cuts of meat and spareribs.
Peeling knife, 5: Fine for making chocolate shavings or Parmesan cheese. Also good for removing rotten areas or peeling potatoes, fruits and vegetables.
Salmon knife, 32-33: Cuts salmon and other fish in paper-thin slices. Also good for cutting paper-thin slices of vegetables and meat for carpaccio. Some vegetable knives are all-around kitchen knives.
Steak knife, 12-22: God for cutting steaks and cutlets.

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