How to make a heart-shaped birthday cake


We created one simple blog post how to make a heart-shaped cake in three easy steps. For example if your daughter wants to have a heart-shaped cake for her birthday and you do not have the right pan, you can improvise. With a little ingenuity, you will have a beautiful heart cake using just a square and a round pan. Read the following easy steps to make a heart-shaped cake simply and quickly.

Step 1
Start by making a round cake and a square cake. They should be the same height, otherwise, your cake will not be able to get a perfect shape. After both cakes are done, let them cool completely and then remove both of them from their pans.

Step 2
Gently cut the circular cake in half. Using a bread knife (serrated), cut the round cake in half and make sure that you cut it completely evenly.

Step 3
Finally, take the two half circles and put them next to the square cake as shown in the picture below.

The cake frosting will hide the joins and create the appearance of a perfect heart. You can use any frosting recipe that you like. We recommend making a really colourful cake for your daughter.

Bon appetite!

We make it simplified. You make it perfect.

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