Back to school survival kit – tackling uniform stains


It’s that time again, summer holidays are over and the school run will be back in full swing before you know it. Of course, children returning to school means many things for parents, and one major job that comes with it is taking care of the uniform. Fun, games and nice weather mean a whole host of difficult stains could find their way onto school uniforms, so we’ve compiled a list of effective methods for tackling them in the home.

Fluoride grass stain removal 

Grass stains can leave a permanent and stubborn mark on clothes, and with the sun still shining, it’s likely the young ones will be returning home with a few stained knees and elbows. However, there’s no need to go buying a new outfit every time they come back from playing in the grass. Did you know that toothpaste is an effective and easy way of tackling these notoriously difficult stains? Simply apply toothpaste to a soft brush and scrub the affected area, leave overnight and wash as normal. 

Dairy care

Soaking white garments in milk for extended periods can do wonders for tough and dark coloured stains. By soaking a garment in milk overnight, the bacteria go to work on the stain, loosening the fibres and the stains within them. We recommend you soak in milk overnight for the best results. A good way to see if the milk has worked effectively is if it has become discoloured, as this means the colour from the stain has left the fibres of the garment and infused into the milk. 

Cola vs grease

Although Jamie Oliver might have something to bad to say about the relationship between cola and school children in their diets, when it comes to cleaning grease from their uniform, it’s a match made in heaven. It’s common to only notice grease stains just before washing, which is a great point for you to try this little trick. Soaking the stained garment in cola for just 30 minutes and then washing as normal will eradicate any stubborn grease. 

Chewing gum

Chewing gum in clothes is a sticky nightmare, and where many would just throw the clothes away or take them to the dry cleaners, there are easy household methods available for getting it out. Ice is a common method, placing the affected item in the freezer for an hour or two or rubbing the affected area with ice cubes or frozen peas will harden the gum and make it less malleable. Once hardened, it should be easier to then remove with a knife or fingernail.

Spray the ink 

A burst biro in a pocket or a silly drawing on a sleeve can often ruin a uniform, and usually, is a persistent problem for an unruly school kid. Firstly, it’s important to note that under no circumstances should you tumble dry the affected garment, as it will set the ink deeper. Hairspray is the answer Yet another uncommon household item works well on these stains: hairspray! Simply spray the stain heavily, ensuring that you cover your mouth, then take a damp cloth and dab the stain. Repeat this process regularly until the stain looks lighter, then wash. Because this can be a messy process, we recommend doing this outdoors. 

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