Top tips for keeping your kitchen clean


How do you sweep the floor without creating a cloud of dust that just sends the dirt in rotation rather than in the trash bin? How do you get the ants to disappear? We answer these questions and offer many more cleaning tips.

How you keep the dust from flying, when sweeping your kitchen floor? The secret may be in a cup.

One particularly helpful hint calls for you to spread moist tealeaves on wooden floors. The leaves help collect dust when you sweep. The same trick works with ash and other dirt that easily flies off of the dustpan.

How to keep ants away from your kitchen cabinets? Adorn them with mint.

Try an old household hint and adorn your cabinet with mint. Hanging branches of dried mint in the kitchen cabinet keeps the ants away. You can also plant mint close to doors and windows to keep the ants outside.

How to keep your refrigerator from smelling bad? Enjoy your coffee – and make use of the grounds.
If your refrigerator has absorbed bad smells, for example from cheese, onion or fish, you can get rid of it by reusing coffee grounds from your coffee maker. Just set a bowl with the used grounds in the refrigerator. The bad smell will disappear after a time. A little elbow grease can also be helpful. Mix a cap full of disinfectant in a litre of water. Wash and wipe all non-metal components.
Removing the smell from your jars. Put them on ice.
After you have cleaned the jars, put them in the freezer, the glass and the lids separately. A day later the bacteria – and the smell – are gone.

The easy way to clean your kitchen drawers: Use your nylon stockings.

You might be asking yourself what nylon stockings have to do with cleaning? The answer is surprisingly simple. If you want to clean the drawers without removing the silverware whatever else you might have lying in them, place a nylon stocking over the hose of your vacuum cleaner and let the vacuum do the rest. The nylon stocking ensures that only dust gets sucked up. The same procedure also works for cleaning toy shelves and the like.

How to get your glass shelves sparkling clean? Polish them with lemons.

Glass is very fashionable. Glass tables. Glass shelves. Glass doors. But keeping them clean can be very time consuming. If the streaking is driving you mad, the follow this advice next time: Squeeze some lemon juice on the glass and wipe with paper. Your glass table will sparkle.

Remove lime scale without scrubbing and scouring. A wad of cotton will do the trick.

Does lime scale often layer the basin of your sink? Your casserole? Other irritating places? Then buy a cheap bottle of vinegar. Dip large or small bits of cotton wadding in the vinegar and place it over the lime spots. Let it sit overnight and wipe down the next day.

Guardians of vitamins: Refrigerators IonGeneration

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