How often should you wash certain types of laundry

Have you ever wondered how often you should do your laundry? How often you should wash your clothes or other fabrics? It all depends on the items you want to wash and how stained they are. Read the following suggestions to find out if once a week, once a month or even less often is the right answer.

Bed linen. It’s recommended to wash bed sheets at least once every two weeks or better yet, every week. The bedding might look clean but it gets covered with dead skin cells and sweat, so it's important to keep it clean. Even more so, if someone gets a cold or sweats excessively.

Nightwear. It's perfectly acceptable to use your pyjamas for a few days before washing them, if you shower or bathe before putting them on.

Bra. Some experts recommend washing your bras after every wear, while others advise to wash them approximately after three to four wears, as too frequent washing can damage the delicate materials and can cause the garment to lose its shape. Of course, the frequency of washing also depends on your level of activity, so your sports bra should definitely be washed after every use.
Tights. A wash after every use will help reshape them as well as prevent any possible odours that might get trapped in that light fabric. 

Jeans. There is no golden rule when it comes to jeans, but a general recommendation is to wash them at least after wearing them for four to five times – if they don’t get visibly stained before that, of course. 

Scarfs, hats and gloves. Most people wash these items once or twice per season. However, you should actually wash them after three to five wears. It makes sense, when you really think about it: these items are in constant contact with skin oils, sweat from your head, germs you touch with your hands, etc. So make sure you wash them more than just at the beginning and at the end of winter season.
Gorenje WaveActive washing machines are made to get the dirty work done in an effective, easy-to-handle and eco-friendly manner. 

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  • Uniquely designed drum with special wave-shaped 3D ribs for the softest garments treatment
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  • SteamTech effectively rehydrating and breaking down the dirt

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