Freestanding all gas cooker
Freestanding all gas cooker   GI612E17WKA
Energy class: A Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 90 × 60 cm
HomeMade shape
All the qualities of baking in wood-burning ovens
The characteristic rounded shape is one of the most beneficial features of Gorenje ovens. Inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, it enables hot air to move around freely. Since the food is heated evenly and from all sides, it is always perfectly done: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. In superior models of ovens this shape is combined with the MultiFlow 360˚ ventilation system, which enables baking on all 5 levels.
Ultra resistant, ultra smooth coating
Enamel quality and type are exceptionally important for the oven and its operation. SilverMatte is a highly resistant and strong material that can stand extreme heats, even pyrolytic cleaning at 500 °C. Free from micro pores, it coats oven surfaces and baking trays, making them resistant to the highest temperatures, microwaves and steam. The triple coating of the interior supports heat reflection and provides additional insulation. Therefore, the oven interior always stays sterile and safe.

Technical details

Energy class: A

Control panel material: Varnished metal

Colour: White

Handle colour: White

Door material: Glass

Classic door hinge

Usable oven volume: 48 l

HomeMADE® modelled on traditional wood-fired bread oven

Knob shape: Ergonomic knobs

Two-hand ignition device for hob and oven

Gas hob

Burner frames number: 2

1 auxiliary burner + 1 large burner + 2 standard burners Left front: Ø 6.9 cm, 1.9 kW, Right front: Ø 9.4 cm, 3 kW, Left behind: Ø 6.9 cm, 1.9 kW, Right behind: Ø 4.6 cm, 1 kW

Type of pan support: Enameled

Gas oven - 48 l

Heating types:
Gas thermostatGas infrared burnerAquaClean
Gas thermostat
Gas infrared burner


Guiding of drawer: Classic

Wire shelf

Oven guides: 1x wire guides

Double glazed oven door with one heat deflector (CompactDoor)



Energy consumption gas oven: 6.01 MJ

Gas type: G20/20 natural gas

Enclosed nozzles: Gas nozzles G30/30 liquid gas

Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 90 × 60 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 67.6 × 100 × 71.5 cm

Net weight: 45 kg

Gross weight: 49.5 kg

Code: 518358

EAN code: 3838942083358